This Weeks Good Reads

I read a lot throughout the week.  Different articles, blogs, books that will help me help you.  Since I know I can not write about every topic in the world, I will share with you some of the information that I come across on a week to week basis.

First off, I just want to say, I am reading the Hunger Games trilogy, almost done with the last one, and I absolutely enjoy them.  I was very skeptical at first, but my girlfriend convinced me to read them, and have polished them off fairly quickly.  I hardly ever read for pleasure, and this has been a nice break from the usual. 

Putting that random thought aside, here are my five reads for this week:

Interesting study on vitamin D and how it can aid in weight loss.  This would only be the case if you were deficient in the vitamin in some way.  They talk about it here in the article, and why some obese people would be deficient in this vitamin: 

This article explains the importance of breathing properly.  We should all be breathing into the stomach, not the chest.  I try to teach this to every one of my clients, but they don’t want to take the little time throughout the day to fix it. Breathing properly will help fix your posture, give you better core strength and help the body perform a million times better.

For those of you who think exercise and pain go together like green eggs and ham, read this one.  Pain should never be felt during or after an exercise. If you do, take a step back, regress the exercise; get better at the regression and then progress back to that exercise.  If it still hurts, regress again until you are pain free.

This is my bang for the buck article of the week.  A lot of people trying to lose weight replace sugar with artificial sweetners.  This article will explain why this is a bad idea.

This is for those die hard lifters, who love squats and deadlifts so much.  Not saying they are bad, because… I love them too, but we have to train on one leg as well.

Was this post helpful, enlightening, the purest, greatest thing you ever read? Let me know, leave a comment below!

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