This Weeks Good Reads

Today is Star Wars Day.  And that is pretty sweet (nerd alert).   Would love to sit tonight and watch a movie or two or three.  The only thing in this world better then deadlifting heavy is a light saber battle.  BOOYAH! 

On that note, here are my good reads for the week.

This is a good study done that proves that sleeping too little is associated with higher BMI’s. So if your looking to drop some pounds, look forward to an extra couple hours of shut eye to help kick start the body.

Longer Sleep Times Effect on Weight

This is a VERY GOOD read by Al Painter. He did a great job writing about a topic I highly believe in and a philosophy I use on an every day basis.

He points out the Four myths of exercising, and just as I do, wonder how they ever got there in the first place.

Ladies, after you read this, please go out and lift something heavy, it will make both you and I happy.

Why woman should train like a guy Woman Deadlifting



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