This Weeks Good Reads

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who have been following me, and I’m glad that you all have been enjoying my blog in its beginning days. I also wanted to say thank you to my girlfriend Jen, who has so kindly agreed to proof-read my work to make sure I don’t make silly mistakes and sound stupid. 

Also please feel free to leave some comments, let me know what you guys and gals want to hear me write about.  What topics interest you etc…


Anybody who thinks that the basics are not for them and just jump straight to the big lifts, this is for you.  A reminder that no matter how good or strong you think you are getting, you can never forget the basics.  We must all go back and revisit them.  Sometimes you will be very happy at what you see when you do.  And sometimes you may find out that you completely lost sight of the basics and maybe even struggle to do them.  If that is the case, you better revisit them and master them.


This is a great exercise for anti-rotation and anti-extension.  This hits two categories that I talked about in my core training post.  By going from the feet to the knees, you are taking out one joint.  Allowing you to get a much better squeeze through the glutes to help lock your core in and to really allow your core to fire better.

This is a great exercise for all lifters, whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can perform these.  It is perfect for developing strong glutes, hamstrings and adductors (posterior chain) and will help you become much stronger then you are now.  If you think you’re a big hot shot that can squat heavy, try this exercise.  Just remember to leave the ego at the door.  If you’re a newb trying to learn to squat, this is perfect because it will teach you depth in your squat as well as give you confidence on your dissension into the hole.


For those of you with shoulder pain while bench pressing or during your everyday activities, give these push modifications a try.  You will be able to put on muscle while training your shoulder to be healthy.  This is a win-win for everybody.  Even those who have healthy shoulders throw some of these into the mix as it will keep your shoulders healthy and help you get stronger all at the same time.

Great read for you ladies who are intimidated by the weight room.  I do not know how many times on this blog or how many more times I will mention this, but it is important for woman as well as men to strength train.  There are far more benefits to strength training for women then just aesthetics as well.  Take a lesson from another woman on how to feel more comfortable in the gym.


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