Nutrition Plan 102

I have been getting a ton of questions on how someone can lose fat lately. So I have decided to add to my Nutrition 101 Plan a little earlier then I intended to. Make sure you read that first or else this post will have no use to you.

Losing fat is not a race, so please try not to think about how much you can lose as fast as possible. The truth is if you do weight loss correctly, there will be times where the scale barely moves, but you will see a difference in aesthetics as well as in the way your clothes fit.

This post outlines how many grams and calories of protein, carbs and fat you should consume per day based off the amount of calories you need to consume per day to lose weight as well as your lean body mass. This is why you must read Nutrition 101 Plan before reading this one.


Protein is a highly important macronutrient needed in order to maintain and put on lean muscle mass. It helps put us in an anabolic environment. This allows our bodies to build muscle and get rid of fat. It is the hormonal state that we want our bodies to be in at all times. Protein also has function in just about every other part of your body from building up to repairing. They are the building blocks of the body. So not only is protein good for muscle and fat loss, but is a necessity for our
body’s survival.

So when it comes to how much protein to consume within a day, it will become apparent that protein intake must be high. Feel free to grab a slab of red meat and scarf it down while simultaneously bicep curling a baby cow. Makes for a great time.

Also higher intake of protein allows for greater satiety, which means, it will keep you fuller, longer. Therefore, you will be less hungry in a couple hours then if you ate a sugary or starchy meal.

So how do we know how many grams of protein to consume per day? Well for starters, we need to figure out what our lean body mass (LBM) is. If you haven’t already done so, you can figure that out in my nutrition plan 101 post  here.

For protein, we want to consume around 1 – 1.5 grams of protein per pound of
lean muscle mass. This number can be set to your own liking. There is no right
answer. If you are only eating 0.75 grams per pound of LBM currently you
might want to start with changing to 1 or 1.10 grams per pound LBM in order
to get a feel for how to increase your protein consumption. Once you have
gotten down consuming 1 to 1.10 grams of protein, if you are getting good
results you can stay there, or if you are hungry to0 often or carb insensitive
(carbs makes you gain weight easily), you can increase the amount of protein
up to 1.5 grams per pound of LBM.

If you started at one gram of protein per pound of LBM and you are
experiencing results, there is no reason to change it. On the other hand, if you are hungry quickly and eating too much, you may want to increase your
protein intake. Keep playing with the amount you want to consume, until you
find what is right for you.

So in the example previously used for a person whose LBM is 140 pounds using a
1.2 grams of protein per pound of LBM, they would need to consume (140 x 1.2 =)
168 grams of protein per day.

If you want to know how many calories that is per day you multiply that by four (168 x 4 = 672 calories).  This is because there are four calories of protein for every gram we consume. So this person needs to consume 672 calories per day fromprotein, or 168 grams of protein per day.

This gives you a complete guide on to how much to eat. The great part is it
doesn’t tell you what to eat, but how to eat. We all know generally what are
healthy food options, who are we kidding? People ask me what to eat all the
time. And I know they know what healthy foods are. People look for this
cookie cutter diet that will give them results. But the truth is that we need to
eat all types of food, not just a list of food I can provide you. Everything within
moderation; that is the key to long term success. As long as you stick between
all your numbers outlined for you in the last two posts, you will be on your
way to dropping body fat and increasing LBM.


Everyone is afraid of these guys, but the truth is they are your friends. They are the major source of energy for your body, and the only source of fuel used by your nervous system. Think about it this way, if carbs were so bad for you, would fruit
and vegetables be bad for you as well? I think not. I have yet to seen broccoli try to take over the world, but it is a possibility… Until then, vegetables and fruit are good. And so are carbs, most carbs at least.

The worst carbs for you are the simple sugars. These are you table sugars, sodas, cakes and everything else that is awesome in life. They are all sugar, and usually high in calories. These things in MODERATION are fine. If you have a piece of cake
here and there or a soda on the special occasion your body will not shut down. It will process it like everything else, and you will be on your way. These things become bad when they are done consistently.

The carbs we want to eat more of are the complex carbs. These are our potatoes, apples, oatmeal and the paper plates you just ate your meal off of. These are the carbs we want to eat more of on a daily basis. This way we will get the carbs we
need as well as the nutrients we need.

For carbs, we want to consume between 0.5 and 1 gram per pound of LBM.

So for our subject with 140 pounds of LBM using a 0.75 gram of carb per LBM ratio, this person needs to consume 105 grams of carbs per day (140 x 0.75).

If we want to find out how many calories this person needs to eat per day, we again multiply by four (carbs are also four calories per gram). This would equal 420 calories of carbs per pound of LBM.


“Oh, that damn stubborn fat, I can’t get rid of it! I shouldn’t eat any because I want to lose fat…” WRONG!!!!!

Remember that number we found in the Nutrition 101 Plan post, that tells us how many calories we need to maintain our weight per day?

For our subject it was 1,820 calories per day.

And remember that in order to lose weight we needed to subtract 250 calories from that number?

1,820 – 250 = 1,570 calories per day.

Or if we wanted to gain weight we add 250 calories.

1,820 + 250 = 2,070 calories per day.

Let’s say this person wanted to maintain their weight. They would take their 1,820 calories per day as there amount of calories to consume daily.

From the math above, we know that he will consume 420 calories per day from carbs.

And we also know that he will also be consuming 672 calories per day from protein.

Therefore, the rest must be from fat.

So, 672 + 420 calories = 1,092 calories from protein and carbs.

Subtracting total calories per day by the amount of calories combined for carbs and protein will tell us how many calories of fat to consume.

1,820 – 1,092 = 728 calories from fat.

In order to get grams of fat, we divide 728 by nine (since there are 9 calories of fat per gram of fat).

728 / 9 = 80 grams of fat.

You can do this with the starting number for each goal but the carb numbers will have to be played with.

If you’re trying to lose weight 0.5 – 0.75 would be good numbers for that goal. For gaining or maintaining we may want to increase it to 0.75 – 1 gram per pound of LBM.

It is all trial and error. All of these numbers may need to be modified until you find the right balance for you. Just remember no more than 30% of your diet should be from fat, and no more than 50% of your diet should be from carbs. If you follow all these guidelines, and I know there is a lot here, you will begin to meet your goals.

This is a pure outline, no thought needed once you have your outline set for you.

I know there is a lot here, so if there are any questions please comment below, and I will clarify where I can.

Was this post helpful, enlightening, the purest, greatest thing you ever read? How many grams of protein, carbs and fat do you consume per day? Does anyone have any other ways that have been successful to them? Let me know, leave a comment below!

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