This Weeks Good Reads 07/06/12

Happy fourth of July everybody, hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  Let’s get this holiday weekend going with some great reads from the week.  ENJOY!

Oh and by the way Happy Birthday AMURIKA!

A lot of the rules in this article are not just for men, they work for women as well.  Since women and men do have the same anatomical body parts and muscles, they should train similarly.  Joe covers everything from lifting heavy to getting help if you need it to making sure you eat the right foods.  Follow these 30 rules and you will be not just lifting like a man, but also actually reaching your goals.

ImageRules to Lift Like a Man– Joe Meglio

This study compare low-carb diets to low-fat diets and a low-glycemic index diet.  The way they figured this out was to take obese subjects and put them on a diet that would cause them to lose 15% of their body weight (roughly 30 pounds); and once they reached the goal weight, these subjects were then placed into one of the above groups.  Each person was placed on the same calorie diet, to see if each of any of these three options would help prevent weight gain after weight loss has been achieved.

Low-Carb Regimen Tops Low-Fat Diet – Nanci Hellimich

In this article Dean reminds himself and everyone else that mobility is not just important in the gym.  He talks about how mobility is important outside the gym and how you can achieve this mobility, too.  Even though it may not be very often, you may find yourself doing some odd job and needing that little extra mobility to get the job done easier.  What happens if you don’t have that mobility?  Your life will be much harder than it has to be.

How Much Mobility do You Really Need – Dean Somerset

Everyone loves to have a couple of drinks, especially when they are out on the town with their best buds.  Who knew alcohol could have such awesome benefits? It is as awesome as this mustache tattoo.


What is there not to love about alcohol now? It has cholesterol fighting powers and fat fighting capabilities.  Just make sure its in moderation.  This isn’t an all access pass to sloppy Saturdays.

Five Hidden Health Benefits of Alcohol –

This is a great reminder for all of you: the differences between losing weight and losing fat.  Weight loss on the scale does not mean you have progressed.  Keep the true focus in mind, BODY FAT.  That is the true indicator of success in body image.

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss – Tony Gentilcore

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