This Weeks Good Reads

This is a really good piece by Dean Somerset.  These are twenty kind of out there advice, but not really, from Dean to his clients over the years.  Talks about how ladies should sit to reduce low back pain and varicose veins all the way to how you should be breathing to making sure you stay hydrated.  Check out these tips and you will learn a couple of things you never knew.

20 Things I’ve Told Clients That Made Me Seem Crazy – Dean Somerset

Want to learn twenty three simple secrets that some of the top fitness professionals use today.  My favorites are: 2, 7, 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, and 23.

23 Secrets From the Worlds Best

If you are deadlifting and not using your lats, you are missing a huge portion of the technicality of the lift.  And it is probably why you suck at them.  This post covers how to use the lats in your deadlifts and will be sure to help add poundage to that bar. 

How to Use the Lats to Improve Your Deadlift – Jesse Burdick

These leg curls are not your wussy leg curl machine.  These exercises are hard and will fill out your jeans like J-Lo. 

Leg Curls 2.0 – Ben Bruno

This one is mainly for the ladies, but really anyone who has body image issues.  It is a reminder to train with a positive light and that will help keep you more motivated then being negative.  It has 10 perspectives from 10 different women of the girls got strong group. 

Learning to Love Your Body – Molly Galbraith

Dr. Joh Berardi is a great coach, and has helped a lot of people achieve amazing results.  Here is an interview with him at  He talks about how exercise alone will not cause substantial body transformations.  And even if you follow scientific literature, you must follow it for at least one year to make a sustainable body transformation.  He also goes into some key concepts into consuming less calories, why diets tend to fail, and gives some great fitness advice.  Check it out, and take this great advice. 

The Worlds Largest Body Transformation Program an Interview with Dr. John

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