About Me

For those of you who have been searching the internet endlessly to find information that will help motivate, increase results and make you better looking, you finally found the right place.  This is the raw science and application of the best information available in Joe’s own interpretation based off his years of experience.

 Joe Gambino is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and an adjunct professor at CUNY Queens College.  He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Queens College.   Joe has his kettlebell certification from Kettlebell Concepts and is also currently pursuing his doctorate of Physical Therapy at Touro College.

Joe has been a Personal Trainer for the past seven years at the Matrix Fitness Club, and was an Assistant Strength Coach for Queens College for a year and a half.  He trained numerous sports teams including volleyball, water polo, lacrosse, baseball, softball and men and women’s basketball.  Joe has also completed strength and conditioning internship at St. John’s University with the Red Storm’s men and women’s basketball teams.

Joe’s athletic background has helped him gain good insight into how to help motivate and achieve great results in athletes as well as the average Joe.  Joe ran track & field in high school, and has played football, baseball and basketball competitively since he was young.

As a side note, Joe loves warm summer days, hugs and repetitively lifting heavy weights for fun.

Subscribe to Joe’s YouTube page and follow him on twitter (joseph_gambino) in order to stay in the loop with all the great stuff he has to offer.

2 responses to “About Me

  • Chris

    I have had the opportunity to train with Joe and his use of varying techniques and workouts not only kept the work outs interesting, but helped me achieve 50lbs of weight loss.

  • Frank LaTerra

    Great job, Joey! Loved seeing your clients in some of your YouTube clips. Nice touch!

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